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HyperSubmit Private Label SEO Reseller Program
Partner with Bpath and offer your customers the most efficient SEO program, used by over 60,000 customers worldwide and integrated by hundreds of hosting providers and resellers, domain name registrars, web designers and small business portals.

Using either one of the branding options, you will be able to customize our SEO services with your own look & feel, offering your customers private label search engine optimization services.

Some live examples of our SEO partners: (click logos to view)

Our SEO Partner Program is offered FREE OF CHARGE and can be branded in two ways:

Private Label SEO Reseller Program
This option keeps Bpath in the background, meaning, doing the SEO work and handling the SEO control panel. The service information pages, registration and billing is done by you, giving you the option to have as much flexibility as needed in terms of prices, branding, package bundling and billing. We simply bill you directly for actual orders received with a discount of up to 40% on our retail prices.
Implementation of our API will enable you to link it to your system and automate the whole process.
   Co-Brand SEO Reseller Program
The lighter branding option - we host the service, the registration process and billing, and reward you with up to 40% revenue share. All you need to do is customize the look & feel of the service and promote it across your website.
Sign 10 customers a day - earn over $200,000 a year!

Your Customers Will Enjoy:

  • The top SEO program available, serving over 60,000 customers worldwide
  • Guaranteed listing in Google
  • Keywords research done by our experienced search-marketing team
  • Dynamic website optimizer
  • Free phone and online support

    Full product features, as provided to end customers are available in the Bpath HyperSubmit service page